Colette Davies

We had a lovely experience cycling around Cambridge yesterday thanks to City Cycle Hire. They were really friendly, the bikes were excellently maintained and very comfy, with cushioned saddles and handles with palm support. They even fixed a basket onto the front of my bike for my bag. Also, the owner asked us what route we were thinking of doing and gave us pointers on routes to take around the Backs and roads to use with cycle paths. Overall, a totally fantastic experience! 🙂


Rented a cycle for the entire year I was a student in Cambridge from here. It was an excellent experience all around and I would certainly hire from here again. I had only a few minor problems with the bike throughout the year and upon taking the bike to the shop they were all fixed on the spot. Lights, a lock, insurance, and regular maintenance were all thrown in for a reasonable price and the staff are great.

Paul Overland

Just a note to say how pleased I was with the hybrid cycle I rented for the month of July. All systems were in top shape and responded beautifully whether getting groceries in Cambridge or trail-cycling through the lovely fens to Ely Cathedral. I heartily urge others looking for a rental to take advantage of your well-maintained services. The fact that your owner/operators are avid cyclists is a real plus. Yours truly, Paul Overland, Ohio, USA