International Students

If you are an overseas student studying in Cambridge then you should consider renting a bike, it’s the best option in terms of convenience and budget. If you need a bike for just a few weeks or as long as whole year we’ll give you a bike with all the equipment you need (lock, lights, and basket) and maintain and repair the bike during your rental. You won’t have anything more to pay after the first day and then when you’re finished we’ll return your deposit (£40) to you to complete the convenient experience. We can always take the bike back and refund money for time that you haven’t used if you decide that cycling is  not for you. Buying a new or used bike and accessories can become a much more expensive option over time if you don’t make some well informed choices, and you still won’t have the technical support and help that we offer with our rentals.

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University Students

Academic Students who don’t own a bike in Cambridge may want consider our long term rentals. We believe that our 9 month tariff is the best value complete cycling deal on offer in Cambridge, although you can try for a term and then extend the rental in line with our pricing structure if you wish. Renting from October to June for a single fee gets you on the road with a fully serviced bike and all the accessories and maintenance you’ll need. Yes, we provide a lock, lights and a basket can be fitted on request. We’ll cover any repairs, servicing and general maintenance needed through the duration of your rental free of charge within a few minutes as soon as you arrive at our shop. There’s no need to make an appointment or leave your bike for repair with us like regular bike shops. At the end of the year you won’t have the problem of what to do with your bike as you can simply return it to us and collect your deposit (£40). If the rental doesn’t work out for you just return the bike to us and we’ll refund you any unused fee’s.

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Still considering buying a bike?

We know that not everyone will think renting is the option for them, if you don’t know how long you’ll be residing in Cambridge for instance. We always have a selection of ex-rental and used bikes on sale for people considering the alternatives. They’re always very well priced compared to shops around the center of town and of course they have been serviced and cleaned and we’ll give you a warranty for peace of mind. You can find more information on our Sales & General Repairs page.

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    We are a MONDAY to FRIDAY service ONLY. Bikes are ready to go so it's as easy as visiting our store filling out a form and paying your rental fee. BIKE RETURNS MUST BE DURING OPENING TIMES. Families with requirements for children or groups of 5 or more should contact us in advance for availability, we can have your rentals ready for when you arrive. +44(0)1223 365629