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2024 Bike options.

Our service caters for a range of cycling requirements, we make sure that all of our models are versatile and well equipped. Tourists and short term visitors might want to go sight seeing for the day or exploring the local area while longer term visitors need day to day reliability at an affordable cost during their stay in the city. We have well priced options for everyone and will be happy to help you decide what is the best bike for your needs. With two or 3 sizes in each model we’ll rent you a bike that’s your size and the best style for the demands of your life.  This will give you confidence when riding for leisure, commuting or exercise and don’t worry if you are thinking about bike locks, lights or any other cycling equipment we offer a complete cycling package, see details below.

City Trekking Bikes

Popular with Tourists, short term visitors and recreational cyclists these bikes are suited for cruising the city sights for a day and regular commuting.  They will give you comfort in the saddle and the confidence to explore Cambridge and the surrounding areas. All bikes are equipped with a high security LOCK (essential in Cambridge), a set of LIGHTS and you can have a BASKET fitted if you require one. We also cover maintenance and REPAIRS here at our Store during your rental.

Urban Student Bikes

These are our most popular customer choice and a great Student long term option. Everyone cycles in Cambridge, like nowhere else in the UK, you can also ride the city at a low cost and have a reliable bike for everyday use. This freedom will give you the best experience during your time here for a single cost. All bike are supplied with a high security LOCK, LIGHTS and a BASKET if required. You won’t have to pay for maintenance or REPAIR as we’ll cover that, just visit our Store if there’s a problem and we’ll get your bike fixed in a few minutes. Our Rental bike CLINIC is open whenever we are for check ups and SERVICING, just drop in. Now that’s a deal breaker as bike repairs can be expensive around town! Don’t get caught out by buying a cheap bike and then paying for repairs to keep your so called investment going!

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