The Company

A typically Cambridge business.

Established for 20 years, and with many more years’ experience in the industry under our belts, City Cycle Hire has long set the standard for bike rentals in Cambridge. You won’t find company’s like ours elsewhere in the UK because of the cycling culture that is unique to this city. With some of the world’s first bike shops established over 100 years ago we have a long tradition of getting around on two wheels. Our local geography, being flat, lends itself well to the convenience of cycling.  You’ll notice this as soon as you arrive in Cambridge and see the huge numbers of bikes being used!

With so many people coming into the city as tourists, for educational purposes, or working in our thriving commercial sector, there is always the need for people to have access to well-maintained, fully-equipped bikes and supporting services to use for both short and long periods. City Cycle Hire is at the heart of our cycling city throughout the year, adapting to the seasons and providing pre-booked or walk-in services to the public.

Our business is proud to have built long-standing relationships with household names such as the University of Cambridge, Microsoft, and Hilton hotels which is testament to our reliable service. Many of our team are born and bred in the city, with an extensive local knowledge that they’re always happy to share. When you rent a bike from us we’ll always get you orientated, help you plan your routes, and help you get the most out of your stay here. What’s more, in the unlikely event you do have a problem or need some help, we’re always here for you.

So forget the greedy chain store brands with poor customer service and no knowledge of our unique market, or the anonymous global venture capital dockless bike share companies who access your phone data as they clutter our city with bottom end bikes – Support a local business with a personal touch that cares about its customers, its bikes, and this beautiful cycling city!

Our Clients