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Cambridge, UK, CB3 9EY,
Tel.: +44 (0)1223 365629
Paul Overland
Just a note to say how pleased I was with the hybrid cycle I rented for the month of July. All systems were in top shape and responded beautifully whether getting groceries in Cambridge or trail-cycling through the lovely fens to Ely Cathedral. I heartily urge others looking for a rental to take advantage of your well-maintained services. The fact that your owner/operators are avid cyclists is a real plus. Yours truly, Paul Overland, Ohio, USA<br />

Customers are required to pay a £40 Deposit

plus the rental fee in advance.




Half Day (4 Hours) £7 £7
1 Day (4-8 hours) £10 £10
24 Hours £12 £12
2-3 Days £17 £17
4-7 Days £25 £20
10 Days £30 £25
2 Weeks £35 £30
3 Weeks £40 £35
4 Weeks £45 £40
5 Weeks £50 £45
6 Weeks £55 £50
8 Weeks £65 £55
10 Weeks - 3 Months £80 £65
4 Months + £10 each month £70
5 Months   £75
6 Months   £80
7 Months   £85
8 Months   £90
9 Months   £95
10 Months   £100
1 Year   £110



This page has our current prices so no need to contact us for for a quote. Availability of bikes is not a problem unless you're needing bikes for a group of 6 or more in July and August. We would always recommend enquiring only a few days in advance if you have special requirements such as a childrens seat fitted onto a bike.


Short Hires

If you are visiting Cambridge for a short time, we recommend you to look at our City Bikes. These bikes are generally hybrid style and good for use in the city and day long rides out into the country. Your bike will come with lights and a lock as standard.


Student Hire

Alternatively, if you are in Cambridge to study, a longer period of time or just feel a little more adventurous take a look at our Mountain bikes with very affordable rates and all Service and Repair included in the hire cost. Your bike will come with lights and a lock as standard.


Childseats and Tag-a-longs

These City bike add-ons prices vary according to the period of rental. Starting from £16 for half a day for both bike and add-on. Please contact us for more details and a little advanced notice is preffered so that we can prepare the right setup.
You can view the options available on our Childrens page.

*Note add-ons only available with our City bikes.

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